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Theater Squad presents ANTIGONE’S NATION

Saturday July 9

2:00 pm

Cal Anderson Park

11th Ave and East Olive St., Capitol Hill, Seattle

no admission charge

rain or shine

The Theatersquad will present ANTIGONE’S NATION, a voice-and-image outdoor performance adapted from Sophocles’ Antigone, exploring the conflict between security, stability, rebellion and freedom.  

    For all of time, I will never be

    that living person who stood by silent

    and did not a thing, did not a thing.

ANTIGONE’S NATION is directed by Robert Leigh from a new adaptation by local playwright Edward Mast and will feature several local actors, musicians and movement artists.

ANTIGONE’S NATION will take place outdoors at Cal Anderson Park on the site of THE OCCUPATION GAME, an outdoor interactive living gameboard with a self-guided journey into daily life under military occupation.  Over 100 different board squares present a set of rules which -- like the rules of a military occupation -- may work or may not.

ANTIGONE’S NATION and THE OCCUPATION GAME will be part of 40 YEARS TOO LONG, a weekend of film, theater and education events marking forty years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and four years of US occupation of Iraq.  

    Our nation has undefeated power.

    But power that’s built on crushing others

    will pass.  And when our strength is gone,

    what will our children and their children have?

More information, call (206) 633-1086  or email theatersquad@aol.com

More about 40 Years Too Long: www.palestineinformation.org


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